Raw Dog Food and Company Process

Our Mission

Our love for dogs is our driving factor for providing a quality raw dog food source for dog owners. As a loving dog owner, one of the most important daily decisions is his/her daily diet. The quality of food you feed will have an immediate and long term lasting effect on your best friends overall well being.  

To keep raw feeding cost reasonable, we use our own distribution chain cutting out the large overhead of brick and mortar locations. You'll find our prices are about half of the cost of raw food purchased in a pet food store.

To offer convenient scheduled delivery options.  We'll meet you at one of our convenient locations to deliver your raw dog food / raw pet food order.

Our Products

Texas Tripe offers a full lineup of many different proteins, organs, bones and blended products that contain the essential balance of meat, organs and bone.

100% USA Produced Raw Dog Food

All of the speciality blends and other grind items are, small batch handcrafted gourmet farm to bowl fresh Raw Dog Food.

They source and produce the raw dog food blends using high quality Grass-Fed Beef, USDA Inspected Chicken and Turkey plus other proteins i.e. Wild Boar, Venison, Wild Caught Seafood, Goat, Sheep and other proteins, organs and raw meaty bones.

Texas Tripe started producing raw dog food in 2009.  The experience needed to produce a high-quality gourmet raw dog food blend was drawn from the many years of operating Detroit Processing, a small family owned and operated meat processing business owned and operated since 1992.

We offer their full lineup of different proteins and blended products that contain the essential balance of meat, organs and bone.

Our Delivery Process

We deliver to you via a scheduled routes (list of routes).

When placing your order, upon checkout you’ll have the option to select from the available delivery locations and dates along our delivery truck route.

We offer two delivery dates per month. Each date has an “Order Close” date. The order close date is the last day to place your order for the corresponding delivery date. This allows our team the opportunity to process your order for your chosen pickup location.

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