Arf-ritis Pain Relief - A Treatment for Stiffness & Arthritis Pain in Dogs

A serious treatment for stiffness and pain in the joints of dogs.

A therapeutic blend of essential oils powerfully combine to create a special treatment.  Rosemary and ginger increase the circulation to the area, while juniper acts as a detoxifier. 

Combine with Green Eggs and Jump for Joynts for exceptional joint pain relief. 

Lavender and birch calm and help relieve pain.These oils are blended in carriers of arnica, which increases circulation and may relieve rheumatic pain.  Finally, jojoba , a natural anti-inflammatory, is added.This is one product that takes a little time, but you will soon see improvement.  ​A little goes a long way and your dog will love the message they get with the treatment. Like the turtle - slow and steady!

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