Beef Marrow Bones Sliced 1" Thick (soup bones for small dogs) **New Item**


Sliced Beef Marrow Bones (soup bones)

**Should only be fed to smaller breed dogs**

From Wyoming pasture raised cattle

1" thick slices

Animal Welfare and Sourcing

Black angus, born and pasture-raised in Wyoming. 

From birth on, the cattle live happy lives grazing out in the open sunshine. Superior herd genetics are just the beginning of the cattle's story; every year they're breed for specific genetic traits, including exceptional flavor.


Free of growth hormones and steroids.

The ranch does not routinely feed or administer antibiotics to the cattle. However their well-being comes first, and on the rare occasion one becomes sick (usually a calf), we will administer a dose. Anything more serious, and the animal is removed from the program. Additionally, if they require medication for any reason in the last 365 days prior to harvesting, they are also removed from the herd. 

Chemicals, Pesticides or Herbicides? 

Never Ever. 

Feeding Caution - Recreational Beef Marrow Bone a mouthwatering bone jam-packed full of nature's natural nutrientsproduced from premium pastured cattle.Never high heat pasteurized or processed by HPP (high-pressure pasteurization).

The yummy beef marrow bones give your dogs jaws a pleasing workout, helping to promote teeth and gum health.

Chewing is a form of relaxation for your fur babies and feeding raw meaty bones is an important component of a raw diet providing natural vitamin, minerals and trace minerals. 

Serve as a treat or part of your dogs raw bone diet.

A few suggestions when feeding Raw Meaty Bones:

  • Never leave a dog unattended with a bone
  • Never feed cooked bones
  • Always separate from other dogs in the household to prevent possible fights. Raw meaty bones have a very high resource value and can cause the best of friends to get into a scuffle.
  • Always feed bones appropriate to the dog’s age, size, breedandexperience
  • If storing in between chewing sessions, rinse the bone under cold water and store in a plastic bag or container in the fridge


Beef Bone



The Raw Food products are a pet food supplement only, not for Human Consumption.

Handling and consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs may increase you and your pet's risk of a foodborne illness.

Storage and Handling Information Statement:
Some raw food products may contain bacteria that could cause illness if mishandled.
Follow these instructions for safest use.
1. Keep frozen until ready to use.
2. Thaw in refrigerator or microwave.
3. Keep raw meat and poultry separate from other foods. Wash working surfaces, utensils (including cutting boards, preparation and feeding bowls), hands, and any other items that touch or contact raw meat or poultry with hot soapy water.
4. Refrigerate leftovers immediately or discard them.

You agree to hold harmless - Mayfair Advisors, LLC AKA Raw Dog Food and Company and accept all risk by executing this purchase.

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