Chicken Feet - Vegetarian Fed Colorado Raised

Chicken Feet - Vegetarian Fed Colorado Raised

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Raw Dog Food Chicken raised in Colorado

Not individually Frozen
Each foot weighs approximately 1.3 oz

Raised in Colorado and a larger foot then the Chicken Paws.

These are frozen together and not individually frozen like the Chicken Paws. The Chicken Paws are approximately 6 oz. See here -

Our premium, all-natural "Never Ever" antibiotics chicken feet come skin-on. The lower leg portion of the bird makes a great snacks ideal for both dogs and cats.

Feed as a treat to provide your pet with a crunchy treat that also provides some amazing health benefits.

The chicken feet are naturally rich glucosamine and chondroitin. This can help your dog or cat maintain joint health, and reduce joint pain caused by age or arthritis. 

No Antibiotics, “Never Ever"
“Never Ever program where chickens are never fed antibiotics, artificial growth stimulants or animal bi-products.

100 % Vegetarian Fed
The chickens are fed a 100% vegetarian diet with no artificial growth stimulants or animal by-products.

Open Environment
The chickens are provided double the living space in an open environment which allow them to roam freely

Organic Minerals
The best organic minerals to boost the chicken's natural immune system

Flax Seed
Flax Seed is a natural food that boosts Omega 3's in the chicken

Air Chilled
While hand-processing, high-speed fans, specially designed equipment and cool working space is used to air-chill the birds

All birds in the facility are handled with care to ensure the best possible quality

Every bird that's raised, processed and delivered can be traced all the way back to the flock which hatched the egg

Our suppliers are committed to raising healthy chickens and follow a strict set of standards and practices. Their trucks are washed and sanitized before entering and exiting each farm. They perform a thorough wash down of all barns between flocks, monitor feed conversions and make any necessary adjustments, as needed. They perform and score 90% or better in strict third party audits on all of the farms to ensure the health and safety of the animals and customers.


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