Chill Out - Calm & Quite Nervousness In Dogs

Does your pet get anxious when left alone, travel to the vet's office or thunderstorms? 

A powerful and safe way to help your pup Chill-Out!

Must have for rescue animals or hyper active dogs.
Essential oils and dogs where nature and life become one in a symbiotic relationship of balance and harmony with the essential essences of life. Aromadog uses pet safe essential oils. Finely crafted blends of therapeutic grade essential oils, premium herbal infusions, carrier oils, and hydrosols meld and do nature’s work to heal and soothe the most complex common ailments of animals.
 Blend of chamomile, lavender and sweet marjoram act to calm and quiet pet nervousness. 

Now you have a simple mist to help your pet relax. Comes in a cobalt blue 8 ounce glass jar with mister. Perfect to mist around their pet bed or in the car as you travel. 

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