Lactic Acid Yeast Supplements

Lactic Acid Yeast Supplements

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Lactic Acid Yeast is a dietary supplement Raw Dog Food and Company recommends during the transition to a totally Raw Dog Food diet.

A healthy digestive tract is critical to overall health and well-being. In addition to breakdown and absorption of nutrients, digestive health can also have a significant impact on other body systems (immune system, liver, bone marrow, or adrenal glands).

Lactic Acid Yeast Supplements are a natural source of lactic acid and may aid in establishing a proper pH balance while also fostering a healthy flora environment in the intestines. The yeast used is live‚ offering the body the benefits of yeast’s nutritional value and will survive in an acidic digestive environment promoting enteric wellness.


Lactic Acid Yeast Supplements specific contributions to a healthy intestinal environment use the processes of fermentation and healthy bacteria growth. The stomach contains acids and pepsin‚ an enzyme that degrades proteins from foods into peptides‚ working as a digestive protease that promotes digestion throughout the body. The stomach breaks them down to peptones and proteases before they enter the domain of the small intestine. In the small intestine‚ which holds a more alkaline pH‚ the body digests proteins. During this‚ the only partially digested proteins are reduced even more into individual amino acid building blocks. Lactic Acid Yeast™ comes in here‚ acting as the only acidophilic organism that can ferment a carbohydrate into lactic acid. Other probiotic organisms need lactose in order to produce lactic acid‚ but Lactic Acid Yeast already contains ingredients like whey‚ which allow it to work well to maintain and promote healthy growth of bacteria that can benefit the body.

Suggested Dosage:


Over 50 lb - 2 wafers twice daily

21-50 lb - 1.5 wafers twice daily

Under 20 lb - 1/2 wafer twice a day



See the product package label for a complete list of ingredients.