Lamb Shank Bones

Australian Grass-fed Lamb Shanks

2 meaty shanks per package. Approximately 1.5 lb

Lamb Shanks

Consumption and Recreational Bones

Lamb is an excellent protein to use for rotational feeding and packed full of flavor. Your furbabies will love having lamb added into their meal plan.

Lamb Shanks are a treat for your furbaby, providing mental stimulation and enjoyment. Jam packed with valuable nutrients such as phosphorous, calcium and bone marrow with lots of meat and fat tailings left on providing intense flavor for their gnawing and chewing enjoyment.

You dog will love chewing on raw meaty bones! 

Your dogs ripping and gnawing action functions as both a toothbrush and floss, raw bones help fight plaque and reduce the likelihood of gum disease. Needless to say, bone chewing is also a wonderfully stimulating activity for dogs. Intended for consumption and recreation,

RMB's are a great addition to raw diet.

Never high heat pasteurized or processed by HPP (high-pressure pasteurization).

A few suggestions when feeding Raw Meaty Bones:

  • Never leave a dog unattended with a bone
  • Never feed cooked bones
  • Always separate from other dogs in the household to prevent possible fights. Raw meaty bones have a very high resource value and can cause the best of friends to get into a scuffle.
  • Always feed bones appropriate to the dog’s age, size, breed and experience
  • If storing in between chewing sessions, rinse the bone under cold water and store in a plastic bag or container in the fridge


The Raw Food products are a pet food supplement only, not for Human Consumption.

Handling and consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs may increase you and your pet's risk of a foodborne illness.

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