Raw Dog Bottled Water

Raw Dog Bottled Water

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Raw Dog Bottled Water is bottled by Rocky Mountain Bottled Water, a state-of-the-art bottling facility.

The water is processed through a Nine-Stage Purification Process, including Reverse Osmosis that produces a "Consistently Pure, Reverse-Osmosis, Purified Drinking Water."

This technology is widely used throughout the bottled water industry because it produces a consistently pure product. In essence, it removes all of the things you don't want in your drinking water (like chemicals, inorganic materials, chlorine and sodium), leaving behind the clean, crisp and pure tasting water that your pets will love!

Rocky Mountain Bottled Water 9-Step Process
  1. Sediment Filters: Initial stage where our water passes through 5 micro-filters to eliminate particulate matter (sediment, dirt, etc).

  2. KDF-55 Media Process: Removes chlorine and soluble heavy metals; controls microorganisms.

  3. Carbon Media: Removes organics, volatile organic chemicals (such as MTBE, Trihalomethanes, etc). Improves Water's color, taste, and odor.

  4. Water Softener: Removes calcium & magnesium (hard water elements).

  5. Ultra-Violet Light: Eliminates any microscopic organisms.

  6. Reverse Osmosis Pre-Filter: Improves the performance of the Reverse Osmosis Membranes.

  7. Reverse Osmosis Membranes: Removes dissolved solids in-organic & heavy metals (i.e. arsenic, aluminum, barium, copper, lead, mercury, nitrates, radium, and all others.)

  8. Absolute Sub-Micron Filter: Final "polishing" filter to ensure purity.

  9. Ozone Process: Final, precautionary measure to ensure against any bacteria/organisms.

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