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The fruit and veggie blend diet is a raw food diet that reflects the natural, ancestral diet of a dog. At Raw Dog Food And Company, we believe that every dog deserves proper nutrition and care. That’s why we offer this high-quality, biologically appropriate diet for your furry friend.

Fruit and Veggie Blend Diet

The fruit and veggie blend diet includes raw meat, bone, and organs, as well as fruits and vegetables that provide essential vitamins and minerals to complement a well-rounded diet. Our healthy variety diets have a unique blend of ingredients optimized for your dog’s nutritional needs and to mimic how dogs would eat in the wild.

Feeding your dog a biologically appropriate raw food diet gives them the best chance at maintaining optimal health and well-being. Our fruit and veggie blend diets offer nature’s approach to health with benefits such as improved digestion, boosted immune system, increased energy levels, and enhanced overall health.

Quality Ingredients

We believe it’s crucial to use the highest quality ingredients in our fruit and veggie blend diet. Our ingredient sourcing and preparation processes ensure that your dog is getting the best quality, safest, and freshest food possible. We source all meat and produce from ethical and sustainable, ethical producers who honor animal welfare before and during life.

Varieties To Choose From

We offer an array of blends with added fruits and veggies to suit all types of dogs. From puppies to senior dogs, from chicken to beef and so much more, we have a variety of options to cater to your dog's dietary needs. Our fruit and veggie blend diet is nutrient-dense, rich in protein and healthy fats, and will give your dog the optimum nutrition for a long, fulfilling life.

Our popular variety mixes offer a carefully curated blend of meat, fruit, and vegetables for your pup. Discover our popular Beef Healthy Variety Mix for a tried-and-true favorite of ethically sourced ingredients, includingUSDA Inspected and Approved Human-Grade Beef. For those who are just getting started on their dog’s raw food journey or want a wider variety of options, check out ourHealthy Variety Mix Raw Box for a selection of beef, chicken, duck, pork and turkey.

Try The Blends with Fruits and Veggies Todays

The benefits of the fruits and veggie blends suitable for dogs and cats are undeniable, and we know that your furry friends will love the taste of our premium raw healthy variety blends. Order today and let your pets experience the benefits of the biologically appropriate raw food diet.

At Raw Dog Food And Company, we are committed to providing the highest quality meals to keep your dog and cats healthy, strong, and happy.

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