PMR (Prey Model Raw) Plus Blends

Prey Model Raw Plus 
12-13% Bone, 12% Fat, 15% Organs
Click on each blend for specific information. Bone in these blends are finely ground. 

These are fabulous blends with a little more bone, organ and fat than the traditional 80/10/10 Prey Model Raw Blends.

Perfect for puppies who need a minimum of 15% - 20% bone in their diet. Feed these blends with 12- 13% bone content and 15% organ (the multi-vitamin) and you still have room to add in some duck feet, chicken feet or fun consumable bones!

Why Feed This Blend

Great for all life stages.
Perfect for puppies.
Lots of variety!
PMR Plus Model With or Without Veggies. 
Make Any of These Blends into Tripe Blends with Stand Alone Green Tripe
Extreme Nutrition When Rotated with the PMR Traditional 80/10/10 Blends and/or the Highly Nutritious Green Tripe Blends.


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