Puppies should eat a Variety of Proteins and Various Models like the PMR, HVM Veggie Blends and Green Tripe Blends. Puppies need more bone than the typical 80/10/10 blends so we have created the PMR & Heathy Variety HVM blends with 12-13% REAL ground bone (not bone meal or plant based calcium) and 15% REAL organs. Top nutrition for growing puppies.

You can also feed the 80/10/10 Blends (lower bone, 10% organ) in the rotation while adding duck heads, duck feet, chicken feet, turkey necks or any consumable bone to the to increase the bone content. Purchase stand alone organs with the 80/10/10 blends and add in an additional 10% organ mix.  All of these methods are great. Variation and variety is the way to reach complete and balanced meals.

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