Prey Model Raw (80/10/10) Blends

Prey Model Raw 80/10/10 Blends
10% Bone, 10% Organs, Protein & Fat 

A Great Blend To Use In Rotation with The PMR (Prey Model Raw) Plus Blends

Why Choose This Blend

80.10.10 products are produced using a cold water pressure to deactivate and neutralize pathogenic bacteria like Salmonella, E. coli, and Listeria. No heat is used to avoid nutritional loss. This process may result in a slight color change and some rolls can be malformed. 

10% Bone allows you to feed additional fully consumable bones more often like (chicken feet, duck feet, chicken necks, turkey necks, chicken backs) 

10% Organ allows you to add up to an additional 15% in organs with our stand alone organ blends (beef, turkey, lamb duck)

Allows a great rotation of lower and higher bone content (like animals would eat in the wild) with this blend and the PMR Plus blends. 

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