Healthy Gut - Digestive Enzyme - Rebalance Digestive Flora

Digestive Enzyme / Pre & Probiotic.
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Helps rebalance and cultivate proper growing conditions for friendly digestive flora destroyed through antibiotics and toxins. Aids in the digestion of food and supports a healthy immune system. 83 g powder.


Based on 1/2 tsp serving:

  • ox bile substance (3.5 mg)
  • papain 50 000 pu (5 mg)
  • betaine hcl (10 mg)
  • bromelain 2400 gdu (15 mg)
  • pancreatin 8x (50 mg)
  • larch arabinogalactan (800 mg)
  • multi strain probiotic blend (30 billion cfu)

Do I have to use this for the life of my pet?

No, Healthy Gut is used to help the body to correctly digest food and to add pre and probiotics. It is best used in rotation with Gut Soothe and Love Bugs to give a comprehensive balanced-gut health care plan.  We do have customers that feel their animals do better when they use Healthy Gut on going. This could be because the animals have a compromised ability to produce the proper amounts of its own digestive enzymes so you will see all sorts of benefits from the Healthy Gut. Examples are increased energy, lessened arthritic pain …this is simple because they are able to digest their nutrition :)

Can I use this if I feed dry food?

You absolutely can! If feeding commercial kibble or processed food of any kind, adding digestive enzymes will encourage the digestion of more of the nutrients in the food. It will help the body to “break down” the dry food and help nutrient absorption. You could notice reduced stool volume which would be an indication of more of the food being used by the body.

Does this need to be refrigerated after opening?

The product is freeze dried, so while refrigeration is not necessary, we believe it will help to maintain optimal freshness.

Does this expire?

Yes, please check the side of the lid for the best before date.

What is the difference between Gut Soothe and Healthy Gut?

Both products have the same base - the pre and probiotic blend that makes up Love Bugs.

Gut Soothe has the added herbal components that target inflammation and can soothe the mucosal lining. 

Healthy Gut has the added digestive enzyme components.

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