About Raw Dog Food and Company

Our Mission

Our love and desire for healthy pets is the driving factor for providing a high quality raw dog food at affordable prices for our raw-some pet parents. As a loving pet owner, one of the most important daily decisions is what you feed your pets. The quality of food you feed will have an immediate and long lasting effect on your best friends overall health and well being.  Food matters.

A Little Background

DeDe switched “Doc” her Dachshund’s to an all raw diet back in 2001 when sources were limited and any sort of a selection was a challenge.  As luck would have it, we meet Joyce Miller, a breeder of National Champion Airedale’s and an experienced raw feeder who's guidance and experience would play a major role in our raw feeding journey.

Due to this "Doc" lived a healthy life passing away at 17!  Raw feeding became a passion because of all the benefits we experienced feeding a species appropriate diet. Today we are advocates for fresh real raw food over the highly processed commercial food diets sold as premium nutrition.

The Moffett family members are all raw feeders:
Our daughter, Dr. Amanda Moffett DVM practicing for a mixed animal practice in Flagstaff, Arizona also feeds a raw diet to her 4 high energy ranch dogs.

Nick our son, is a Mortgage Loan Office in Winter Park. His 10 year old American Dingo "Joey" has been eating a raw dog food diet since he was a 10 month old puppy.


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