About Raw Dog Food and Company

Our Mission

Our love for dogs is our driving factor for providing a quality raw dog food source for dog owners. As a loving dog owner, one of the most important daily decisions is his/her daily diet. The quality of food you feed will have an immediate and long term lasting effect on your best friends overall well being.  

A Little Background

DeDe switched “Doc” her Dachshund’s to an all raw diet back in 2001 prior to meeting Texas Tripe. Sources were limited and any sort of a selection was a challenge.  As luck would have it, we meet Joyce Miller, a breeder of National Champion Airedale’s and a Texas Tripe customer.

That was back in 2009… we’ve been feeding Texas Tripe products ever since.

Doc, lived a healthy life all the way up to 17!  Raw feeding became a passion because of all the benefits we experienced feeding a species appropriate diet.  We are an advocate for fresh real food to give our four-legged furry friends a better option than highly processed commercial food.

The Moffett family members are all raw feeders:
Our daughter, Dr. Amanda Moffett DVM practicing for a mixed animal practice in Moab Utah also feeds a raw diet to Quora her St. Bernard and Bruce her Doberman Pinscher.

Nick our son, is a Mortgage Loan Office in Winter Park. His 9 year old American Dingo Joey has been eating a raw dog food diet since he was a puppy.