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Your pet's health is our business. Friends don't let friends feed kibble! Feed your pets a premium small batch, handcrafted, gourmet species appropriate raw diet. At Raw Dog Food and Company you will find high-quality proteins and careful prepared Prey Model and BARF model blends plus so much more at affordable wholesale prices. We save you money by utilizing our direct distribution chain cutting out the expensive overhead of brick and mortar locations. 

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  • Raw Pickup From Truck or Warehouse - Choose delivery date and time from scheduled time and locations. Your order will be delivered via our commercial truck equipped with an insulated box and a Thermoking freezer unit to keep the raw dog food frozen during our delivery process - See ordering dates, delivery dates & locations
  • Local Raw to Your Door - Same day ordering and delivery 7 days per week.
    Order by 10 AM for delivery to your door between 1:00 - 4:00 PM
  • Nationwide Shipping - Orders shipped via UPS. Order by 10 PM on Sunday for Monday Shipping

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