Beginners Choice (HPP)

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Beginners Choice

75/15/10 Prey Model Raw Compliant


Beef Blend, Tripe and Sardines with Bone and Organs


Higher Bone content 15%.


This Raw Blend is High Pressure Pasteurized (HPP).This utilizes cold water pressure to deactivate and neutralize pathogenic bacteria like Salmonella, E. coli, and Listeria. No heat is used to avoid nutritional loss. This process may result in a slight color change and some rolls can be malformed. 

Good for all life stages. But also great blend for for growing puppy's when rotated with other blends.

If constipation occurs:

1. Mix half lower bone like 80/10/10 with higher bone blends
2. Add 20% more tripe
3. Add 10 - 15% more organs
4. Rotate higher bone meals and lower bone meals 

Omega 6/3 Rich


Beef:Protein and Vitamin B12, which provides energy and good muscle health

Fish (sardines):is said to help against cardiovascular disease, prostate cancer, age-related vision loss and dementia. It's a good source of vitamin D, protein, some B vitamins and selenium. It's also a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids.

Tripe:Green tripe is a loaded with digestive enzymes and probiotics, a natural probiotic with Lactobacillus Acidophilus, these are the "good guys" in the bacterial colonies. Also, Green Tripehas the perfect ratio of calcium to phosphorus – 1:1 and essential fatty acids, Linoleic and Linolenic, in their recommended proportions.

Organs: 5% Liver, 5% Kidney - Organ meats are densely packed with just about every nutrient, including heavy doses of B vitamins such as: B1, B2, B6, folic acid and vitamin B12.

Organ meats are also loaded with minerals like phosphorus, iron, copper, magnesium and iodine, and provide the important fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K.

Bone: Calcium and Phosphorus, helps promote healthy teeth and bones

Fat: helps promote healthy skin and shinier coat, helps manage metabolism, may help fight off illness and diseases, and increases brain function. 


Beef Muscle Meat
Green Tripe
Beef Bone
Beef Fat
Beef Liver
Beef Kidneys
Bone Charcoal:
The beef suppliers onsite USDA inspectors requires them to sprinkle Bone Charcoal on the beef as a marker when the USDA meat is sold for pet food use. The Bone Charcoal marks the beef so it can not re-enter the human food chain.

The USDA has deemed  bone charcoal safe for dogs and cats.


Use and Warnings:
The Raw Food products are a pet food supplement only, not for Human Consumption.

Handling and consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs may increase you and your pet's risk of a food-borne illness.

Storage and Handling Information Statement:
Some raw food products may contain bacteria that could cause illness if mishandled.
Follow these instructions for the safest use.
1. Keep frozen until ready to use.
2. Thaw in the refrigerator.
3. Keep raw meat and poultry separate from other foods. Wash working surfaces, utensils (including cutting boards, preparation and feeding bowls), hands, and any other items that touch or contact raw meat or poultry with hot soapy water.
4. Refrigerate leftovers immediately.

Made by Texas Tripe at 110 2nd SW St. in Detroit, TX.
You agree to hold harmless - Mayfair Advisors, LLC AKA Raw Dog Food and Company by executing this purchase.

Guaranteed Analysis:

Crude Protein (Min) 9%

Crude Fat (Min) 12%

Crude Fiber (Max) 0.2%

Moisture (Max)71%

Ash (Max) 1.59%

Calcium (Min) 0.35%

Phosphorus (Min) 0.22%

Calorie Content: (ME as Calculated)

2210 kcal/kg

1004 kcal/lb

63 kcal/oz


Premium pastured grass-fed beef muscle meat

Green Tripe from pastured grass-fed cattle

USA sourced Sardines Antibiotic Free

Hormone Free

Origin USA

Sourced from USDA inspected processors

Never Ever sourced from feed lots

Our producers pride themselves on only providing the best raw dog food by using the favorite cuts of muscle meat, not the rendered scraps many raw pet food companies skimp on. Click here to read about Vitamins & Minerals in the Raw Diet

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