Green Lipped Mussel Oil (Safe-Sea)

Green Lipped Mussel Oil (Safe-Sea)

For Dogs Only.

This is the premium oil you've been waiting for!  Safe-Sea is a sustainable and healthy combination of New Zealand Green Lipped Mussel Oil and Ahiflower. 


Green Lipped Mussel oil is strictly controlled by the New Zealand government to ensure the supply is high quality and sustainable.  Green Lipped Mussels are much lower in mercury, PCBs and dioxin contamination than other marine species.


Safe-Sea contains Ahiflower, a plant-derived source of important omega fatty acids including GLA, an omega-6 fat associated with skin health and a balanced inflammatory response. Ahiflower contains 60% more GLA (gamma linolenic acid) than hemp oil.

Green Lipped Mussel Oil

While fish, krill and squid oil supply mainly EPA and DHA omega fats, Green Lipped Mussel is a rich source of ETA, an omega-3 fat that's well researched for its ability to support a normal inflammatory response, plus other key fatty acids.


Safe-Sea is one of the most complete source of immune-supporting marine and plant oils. Some key plant oils contain GLA, an important immune-supporting fatty acid that's not found in marine oils. Safe-Sea contains a good helping of Ahiflower, one of the best sources of GLA and SDA (an important precursor to other critical fatty acids). Our Ahiflower is non-GMO and grown in the UK and Prince Edward Island, Canada.


The Astaxanthin in Safe-Sea is 100% sustainable and natural, never synthetic. Its unique molecular structure makes Astaxanthin the "King Of Antioxidants." This keeps the delicate oils in Safe-Sea safe and fights free radical damage.

To get the same complete supply of immune-supporting fats, you would need to give your dog both a marine oil and a plant oil such as hemp, camelina or flax. Safe-Sea combines both oils to give you an affordable and premium source of key fatty acids.

Safe-Sea by Four Leaf Rover Green Lipped Mussels

Green Lipped Mussels are already rich in antioxidants with added astaxanthin, so Safe-Sea could be stored in a cool, dark place. But if you have room in your fridge, it will ensure the oils are as effective as possible. If the bottle is open for more than 30 days, then it's a good idea to place Safe-Sea in the fridge.

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